online marketing Brother rapes his sister - Shocking Video

Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Brother rapes his sister - Shocking Video

You need to clean up your Facebook account by removing the post from your Newsfeed and marking the post as Spam. Do this by clicking the "x" in the top right hand corner of the post.
Never complete surveys to unlock videos or other content on Facebook. Scammers use these tricks to either spread malware, obtain personal identification or earn commissions from marketing companies. Don't pad their pocket and possibly open yourself up to harm!
Some of the surveys require you to download files to your computer. Never do this! If you did so in error, then run a complete system scan with a good anti-virus software program. The I.Q. Quiz scam has been around for a while, and it typically requires you to enter your cell phone number to receive the results. The scammers then bill you for premium services. Keep an eye on your phone bill for bogus charges.
A new Facebook scam is underway which promises to show a video of a brother raping and murdering his sister. Well, this is one of the most inane and violent scam that is being spread on Facebook of late.
Falling under the same category, there was another scam that was reported earlier – Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted On Wall which was quite violent and absurd.
Brother rapes his sister - Shocking Video
The new scam titled – “Brother rapes and kills his sister – Shocking Video” carries a description that reads “WARNING: For mature audiences 0nly.” is spreading rapidly on Facebook. This scam will click-jack and like-jack your Facebook account if you click on the link provided.
Clicking on the link will lead you to a page that says you need to click on “jaa” twice to confirm your age before you can view the video. However, there is no such video once you have clicked “jaa” instead the scam message will be liked and posted automatically on your Facebook wall. Once it is posted on your wall, a survey is displayed offering you a free $1,000 Wlamart Gidftcard or a free gift if you send the scammer a feedback on Facebook.If you click on the link you are lead to a page that says you must confirm your age before you view the video by clicking “Jaa” twice. However, there is no video and all of the broken image links should be your first hint. If you click “Jaa” it will cause you to Like the post, spreading it to your News Feed. After it spreads to your News Feed a survey is displayed offering a free $1,000 Walmart Giftcard or a free gift for telling the company what you think about Facebook. Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways scammers trick you into giving away personal information.
Brother rapes his sister - Shocking Video

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